well it all started around 4th of july of last year i was bored so i was looking around on the internet and something poped up it said spongebob lost episode i was pretty interested so i clicked it. let me just say it was mad creepy the theme song sounded like a toy that is running out of battires. it was very slow and it freaked me out alot. then the episode seemed pretty normal besides the theme song but as soon as they zoomed in spongebobs home something was not right at all. well sandy was straped to the floor and spongebob started to take of her clothes .there was tape on sandys mouth and she was sreaming very loudly.then he started hump her over and over and over . then he touched her a over and started to kiss her from bottom to top. all over. then after 2 hrs of etream rape spongebob called patrick over to help rape sandy he came over and was all over her kissing and sucking her boobs and her crouch sandy was screaming like never before and when they were done they stabbed her in the chest . then it was pearls turn. mr.crabs was tied up and thrown in a closet. pearl was humped over and over pat and sponge both put there dicks in her mouth. pearl screamed I WANT TO LIVE ! spongebob said the only way she could was to be his and patricks sex slave for life. she didnt want to die and she didnt want to be a slave either she hesitated and spongebob said TO LATE! and shot pearl in the rib cage area! th spongeboba nd patrick both came very close to the screen. spongebob had a gun and patrick had a knive and they both WANT TO PLAY WITH US? then the screen went black very creepy when i tried to go back on the website it wasnt there !

Spongebob Title