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Hello every one! i just wanted to take a min to share with you guys. My name is RayRay (thats my childhood nick name). I was born 01/03/96 in FL, im 18 and I'm female. but when i was young my family moved to Europe we stayed in Italy, my mother had family their, I say had because she passed away a few years back. My father came to America from Cuba. So i spent alot of my 18 years in Italy but not only do i speake italian i also speak spanish beause of the cuban side of my family. I staryed learning English a few years ago so my spelling is some times a bit off. But i have gotten pretty good at it. As of right now i live in north carolina in the USA. Some of my moms family stays in NC as does my sisters and brothers. I am inrolled in a good school throgh witch i am getting my CNA licanse. I love to help others its kind of a hobbie of mine. My mom was the same way. I love scary movies and stories. My favoirte scary movie searys is Haloween. I love to read and I love to write. I look forward to sharing with you guys what i write. Ill be posting it all here in my blog. 

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