So, I've been making some plans now to write my first Creepypasta. It's actually one that I've been wanting to write for a long time. The summery of the story goes a bit like this:

The main female protagonist (haven't thought of a name for her yet) just moved into a new apartment with her mother, where she finds a mysterious box hidden in the back of one of the room's closets. The mother insists that the maintenance workers must have forgotten to remove it when cleaning out the living space, and says that it contains a few things left behind by the last occupant that she might be interested in. The box had a few things that weren't too interesting, such as a hat, a few open letter envelopes, and a small box filled with trinkets and knick-knacks. That's until she finds a Pokemon Y game cartridge inside the box, finally striking a bit of gold. The physical game itself looked fine, looking practically new, in fact. She felt a bit sorry for the person who left this game behind after she popped into her 3DS to play it, as it looks like he/she didn't even have a game file saved to it yet before abandoning it. Whoever left this behind must have been in a hurry...perhaps too much in a hurry... That is until she started a new game, and made an unexpected, new friend in the way she would've never guessed was even possible. Slowly, a series of mysteries and odd events begin to unravel as she finds out the true identy of her new friend...and the entity that stalks him. Unfortunately, the game cartidge holds a dark secret that has been kept tucked away from the public eye in order to not cause panic of the residents of the city the protagonist lives in. However, she must uncover it and bring it to light in order to save the new friend she's now grown fond of...

"My friend, MATT."

So in case there's a slight snowball's chance that anybody stops to read this lovely summery, what do you think of it? Of coarse, a few changes will be made to the main plot if something in it doesn't work. Though, any honest and fair feedback would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch if you came to read this! Bye for now!