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aka morgan

  • I live in wales
  • I was born on December 16
  • My occupation is student
  • I am an admins nightmare
  • Ravagerofrepent

    I was wondering if there was a creepypasta based on the UVB-76 numbers station, sorry but I cant seem to find one and If there isnt im going to write one.

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  • Ravagerofrepent

    Hello again

    I was considering writing a creepypasta that would take dedication and effort. I want to base it around a creepy place that isn't well known.

    Then I got the idea that anyone reading this could send some creepy photos of their own local creepy places my way and some history.

    I would gratly appreciate it.

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  • Ravagerofrepent

    What is the creepiest pasta in the wiki?

    What pasta actually makes you scared to get up at night?

    For me the creepiest pasta Iv'e ever read is Ted the caver. I don't really bother with long pasta's but it's build up was worth it. It invokes a real sense of cluastrophobian and mans fear of the unkown.

    Tell me what you think?

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  • Ravagerofrepent

    Hey guys and gals

    even though I don't plan on entering the contest but it's pretty ecxiting. It would be intresting to get seperate insight into the contest as jeff the killer is the one that got me into creepypasta.

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  • Ravagerofrepent

    Do people have different ideas about what makes them scared?

    this of course is a stupid as to be scared is not an idea but a state of mind. I know people have their own fears and phobias but is there truly something in this world that would terrify the minds of everyone. this also poses the question to wherever such a being could pose a threat to humanity, as no one would be able to contemplate it without going into a state of hysteria.

    For example, some people may be terrified by alfred hitchcocks work( correct me on spelling) for its sheer suspense, or by works of literature that give such nightmarish vivid descriptions that they induce panic. Would it be possible to make a creepypasta that incorperated all these elements without being a c…

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