• Rapidcat3000

    so when i was playing minecraft i made a new world so i spawned in a flat area nothing but one villege.

    so i went to the villege looking for a blacksmith i opened the chest it had a book.

    the book said read or die so i read thinking maybe its part of the new update the pretty scary update.

    so when i read it it said im not herobrine but i should tell my name he said his name was mel so i wrote another book

    saying hi mel. then the book showed nothing but the multiplayer chat said mel tried to swim in lava.

    which means he fell in lava so i cheked if i was open to lan to see if my bro was fooling around with me.

    but its not then i saw herobrine saying go and run he will come. so i left the villege but it said again mel tried to

    swim in lava so i look…

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