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Distinct Object

Do you know of that distinct house-hold object that you always forget about?

In your childhood, have you taken fascination to an object, to the point you've given it trust, hope, even passion? But ten years haven't even looked at that object. You are cleaning out your room and you find it...Suddenly, you are struck with ambition, and realize that you have completed your hard-work. You feel a chaotic glow surrounding you...

You feel cautious, to the point you might even throw up, feeling that you might break the fragile object. Then, you feel it...Paranoia. Like somebody is there. Watching over you. Guarding. Perhaps?

You are beginning to feel threatened. Like someone is out to get you. gets...worse. You feel dread. Like an entire army is marching your direction. You then hear a window shatter, a creak in your house, or a stomp on your roof...and wonder: "God is by my side...God is by my side...right?" You repeat that to yourself, even though you know what you are experiencing is ALL in your head according to the psychologist you recently visited. The psychiatrist prescribes a medication that can heal these hallucinatory vibes, and bring to rest a nervous heart...You take the medication. Realize you're asleep. Then you wake up. You check. And what do you see, in the same spot?

The object. Merciless with its black eyes and grin. Red dust infiltrates the air around you as you choke, you wish you were dreaming, but you aren' fall, forevermore into endless nothingness...

Moral of the story: ...Never. Look at, anything or anyone like they are distinct from everything else...If you are alone in the darkness...Never think ahead of the darkness. If you think too much about the darkness...

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