• Rajiv Pota

    Distinct Object

    April 1, 2014 by Rajiv Pota

    Do you know of that distinct house-hold object that you always forget about?

    In your childhood, have you taken fascination to an object, to the point you've given it trust, hope, even passion? But ten years haven't even looked at that object. You are cleaning out your room and you find it...Suddenly, you are struck with ambition, and realize that you have completed your hard-work. You feel a chaotic glow surrounding you...

    You feel cautious, to the point you might even throw up, feeling that you might break the fragile object. Then, you feel it...Paranoia. Like somebody is there. Watching over you. Guarding. Perhaps?

    You are beginning to feel threatened. Like someone is out to get you. gets...worse. You …

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