Good day to everyone who may chance upon reading this. Are you sure you are not lost? Did you go astray from the path you were taking?

 If so, then I invite you to stay for a while and get comfortable and if not, I welcome you to this place that I am starting to build. I do apologize for the humbleness but I must let you know that this is the first time I venture into the great beyond of this thing called blogging. I never thought before of actually doing this, but after gaining inspiration from this community as well as from ScrewAttack I figured I could at least try.

 There is not much to lose for a creature of instinct such as I.

 I have not come empty handed, however, as my first work for a Creative Writing Challenge hosted by ScrewAttack has been shared here as well. It is called The Project and deals with science and the workings of the brain. If you would like to take a look at it, I have shared it in the Writer's Workshop and I hope it is to your liking.

 Well, as creatures of instinct are also creatures fueled by inspiration, I will leave ths place in search for some, but you are welcome to linger here at your leisure. Should you like to ask or comment anything, I will be more than glad to know it.

 I hope that I will see you here again, should you come here by choice or if you get lost once more...