• RajaThaiel

    Day Two

    July 28, 2014 by RajaThaiel

     Good day, kind stranger, I hope you are doing well, I want to welcome you back to this place.

     Today I will share one of my old works which I had forgotten about. It is wondrous how things seemingly lost return when least expected, as I was merely idling about and reviewing what I had stored in my e-book folder. I wrote it as an attempt to create bedtime tales for children but I do not think it will lead them to peaceful sleep... Oh well, maybe I will try my hand at a later time, but for now, if you are interested, you can read the story of BoogieBoy in the Writer's Workshop.

     I would like to read from you as well, for creatures of instinct and emotion are drawn to one another. In the meantime, I hope your days and nights are pleasant.

     May …

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  • RajaThaiel

    Day One

    July 8, 2014 by RajaThaiel

     Good day to everyone who may chance upon reading this. Are you sure you are not lost? Did you go astray from the path you were taking?

     If so, then I invite you to stay for a while and get comfortable and if not, I welcome you to this place that I am starting to build. I do apologize for the humbleness but I must let you know that this is the first time I venture into the great beyond of this thing called blogging. I never thought before of actually doing this, but after gaining inspiration from this community as well as from ScrewAttack I figured I could at least try.

     There is not much to lose for a creature of instinct such as I.

     I have not come empty handed, however, as my first work for a Creative Writing Challenge hosted by ScrewAttac…

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