I haven't had many problems with the neighbors since we moved in but tonight upstairs all hell has broken loose.  I am trying to ignore it because it isn't my business... but a lot of yelling and what sounds like furniture being moved around is going on... and now someone is stomping through the house pretty hard.  I wouldn't generally care if I wasn't exhausted with a headache.  I drank some chamomile tea in hopes that it would help calm me down enough so that I could lay down but all I can think about is the possibility of inspection tomorrow.  In these apartments, they don't tell you who they're going to inspect.  They just send out the notices saying that so many apartments will be picked to be inspected.  We are situated all the way in the back so the assumption is that no one will want to come all the way out here... but I'm such a worrier.  The house is clean and everything should be up to inspection standards before the morning is out.  We just need to move the couch a little (because it can't be too close to the windows)

Maybe I just need sleep.