I spend a lot of time on this site... reading and now responding to pastas.  I've been slowly building up ideas in my head and I think the Writer's Worshop forum is awesome.  I've actually started reading/editing more of those than the pastas on the main site for now.  I like to help people.  It's in my nature. 

So far, the majority of the people that I have spoken to on this site have been awesome and I do so enjoy a lot of the comments sections.  But it does make me wonder how many people are here that don't write pastas?  Is that a requirement to be on the site or not?  (I don't really need an answer to this)


Earlier today, I was watching a video on Youtube that involved a prank that this guy played on some other guy.  The guy had taped up the head of a snake and then put the snake into the lap of his friend while the friend was napping... he then woke the friend and hilarity ensued.  Not to me, though.  I felt really bad for the snake even though I really hate snakes.  But my five year old son happened to be watching with me, and he thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world... and he made me play it a second time.  I did so willingly, just to hear him laugh again.  He asked me again.  I said no.  Because even though he found it hilarious, the entire thing was rather cruel and in my heart I felt bad.  The snake did look to be venomous so part of me was like "Good riddance" but the animal lover in me just kept shuddering.  What I don't understand, is why my five year old thought it was funny.  Maybe he just laughed because the boy in the video laughed, I'll never know.  But now I'm going to be much more careful about what I let my kids watch and hear.  All of my kids know who Slender Man is.  And that bothers me to no end... as a parent, I should be more vigilant.  Just because I think its funny, doesn't mean that its age appropriate... just like that video.  I surely didn't find it funny and it makes my heart sad to know that my baby laughed while a snake was basically being tortured. 


I'm sorry for that.  I just had to get that off my chest.