This morning I went to give my eight year old his daily medication. There are five left in the bottle when there SHOULD BE twenty-three. That means there are seventeen missing. Seventeen fucking pills are missing from my kid's medication. I checked with my boyfriend, my sister AND my son to make sure we weren't double dosing him and I didn't realize it. My son said that yesterday or the day before there were way more in there (he doesn't know how many, he just knows he takes one a day) so sometime within the past two days seventeen pills just vanished into thin air. The problem now is that I have almost an open door policy in my house. Its just a select few people I just let walk in and out BUT the only people that have been in my house these past two days have been people that I trusted. Because of the type of medication it is, in order for the doctor to refill it, I'd have to file a police report and go through a bunch of drama. I'm not asking for advice, I'm just ranting. I'll figure it out. I'm just so frustrated. Because... who can you trust