I want to thank everyone who took the time to say anything at all on my last blog post.  I also want to clear a few things up. 

  1. I'm now sober.
  2. My boyfriend and I worked things out about the cheating and I'm actually going to see him in a couple of hours.
  3. My actions didn't affect my children at all ... except when they saw me cry, they attempted to make me feel better because they hate to see Mama cry.
  4. I wrote it on here because I use this blog as a sort of real personal blog.  As an outlet.  I've written a few stories and submitted them to the writer's workshop so it's not like I don't use the site for its intended purpose.
  5. As for the morality thing, you're all right... if I wouldn't do it sober, it wouldn't happen when I was drunk unless I was severly impaired which wasn't the case.  But I do have to say that drinking did SEVERELY impair my judgment.  Obviously.  I never said that drinking was the only reason I did it... I said that I didn't have a legitimate reason.  We had lots of things to work through and are slowly working on all aspects of our relationship.

Once again, thanks for reading.