I have three kids.  A daughter who is almost nine, a son who just turned seven and a son who is almost six.  My daughter doesn't live with me due to reasons that are unimportant... but I do get to see her all the time. 

This blog entry is about the boys.  More specifically about the older one.  I will refer to him as J and his little brother as S.

J started kindergarten last school year and is in first grade this year.  Last year, he started the year being pretty bad but as the year went on he got progressively better.  I like to think it had to do with his teacher.  He loved her and so does S (S has her this year).  This last August when J started first grade he started kind of bad but not too bad and has just gotten progressively worse and worse.  The past couple of months have been really bad.  They have a color chart for discipline.  Green is a good day.  Yellow means a warning, red is after that and blue is the worst color they can get before an office referall and/or write up.  He doesn't listen to anyone about anything no matter what I try with him.  I'm pretty much at a total loss... and the school year is almost over.  He has been suspended three times.  The first time was for a day, the second time was for two and this last time was for two, also.  He doesn't even get to go to school for his Easter party and part of me feels bad but then he acts up so much I feel like he deserves to have everything taken away.  And that's one of the punishments I give him.  Taking everything away.

S started kindergarten this year and hasn't had a single day where he changed his color. 

Ugh, I'm not even sure why I'm writing this.  Maybe I just needed to get something out.