I live in Mississippi.  Its pretty crappy here.  The laws for getting federal help are ridiculous.  I'm a single mother with no fathers listed on my children's birth certificates.  I have no help from anyone outside my family.  If it weren't for my family I probably wouldn't even have my kids.  The state likes to try to pressure me into naming "fathers".  Like putting a name down is going to do anything except keep me in court for the rest of my life.  So not something I need or want to be doing with my time. 

I'm in the process of trying to ger Medicaid for my kids.  You'd think that there would be a faster way to get things rolling because they're kids, but no.  Its been a couple months now since I've reapplied.  They've sent letters asking for birth certificates and social security cards and also trying to include people that I'm not trying to apply for.  I'm only applying for my younger two kids (boys).  My daughter lives with my aunt so I have no reason to apply for her.  The "computer" still keeps trying to lump us all together, though, so that's supposedly what's taking so long.  Its pretty stupid considering every time I speak with a representative, I plainly state I am only only applying for the two boys.  So far, it's been one letter and several phone calls and no end in sight.  I need to get my boys into doctors... they need dentists and eye exams.  Not to mention my older son (7 years old) probably has ADHD.  But there are hoops that have to be jumped through.

I've heard from friends and family out of state that if we lived pretty much anywhere else that everything would have gone much faster.  I don't know if that's true or not. 

I've even attempted to apply for disability for my bipolar disorder.  We spoke to several lawyers and a woman who specializes in getting people their disability and no dice.  The lawyers and the woman all said that now there's some law stating I have to be thirty before I can get disability.  I'm not saying I want disability necessarily.  Its just frustrating that any help that I should be able to get as a human being, is pretty much null and void here.  Its so disheartening.