These past two weeks or so have been hard on me.  We lost Lemmy Kilmister,  David Bowie and this morning I woke up to finding out that we lost Alan Rickman.  While the first two were upsetting, losing Alan has made me very emotional.  He was an integral part of my childhood since he played Professor Snape in the Harry Potter series.  I grew up watching him and coming to love him.  My heart hurts.  I read an article where Daniel Radcliffe talked about Alan in a way most people probably never got to see him and it aches my already aching heart.  Alan will forever be missed.  My kids won't have the pleasure of getting to know him during their life other than the movies that he played in before he died.  For this, I am deeply saddened. 

I walked out of my bedroom in tears and my mom apologized when she found out why I was sad and she doesn't understand my fandoms like I do... but she tries to be there for me when I'm upset.  She says he's cloud-hopping and for all those believers out there I sincerely hope so.  (Since I'm not a believer, I just feel like we lost him and that's all that I feel.)

Losing David Bowie and Lemmy Kilmister... these men were HUGE in music.  I listen to all types of music because I come from a family that loves music and played it all through the house while I was growing up.  I wasn't as upset over Lemmy's passing as I was David's because David just affected me more.  But for the past few days have been seeing the videos and photos and articles on facebook being passed around and soaking it all up like a sponge.  I'll now be doing the same with Alan.  Because for me... this isn't the end of an era.  It's the beginning of knowledge for men that I didn't get a chance to learn about while they were alive.

Edit:  Its been a couple hours and I just checked facebook.  My dad thinks that I shouldn't be crying because of this because I didn't know any of them personally.  He doesn't understand the way I feel.  It's kind of messed up to be honest.  These people were iconic for me.