Its been awhile since I've written anything for the workshop.  The fact that my last two stories didn't go over as well as I had hoped discouraged me greatly so I just kind of put writing to the back burner.  Last night I was talking to my boyfriend and he said something about these books he was reading.  I asked him if he thought I'd like the books.  He said that they were overly descriptive.  His words were "Its overly descriptive just like your writing, no offense" and I was like "I've been told that my writing isn't descriptive at all" so it makes me wonder what he kind of descriptions were in the books and whether they actually are similar to my writing style or not.  But then I thought about what he said and did take offense a little.  *sighs*  The joys of being a writer, eh?

For anyone who pays attention, my kids are doing pretty well.  They've in second and first grade this year and I'm waiting on the state to contact me about whether or not the kids will get state funded insurance so I can take the elder one to a doctor.  I'm pretty sure he has ADHD and its showing in his work.  The younger one's feelings get hurt too easily and it makes me wonder how he can act like such a baby sometimes.... I mean, I'm not being a dick about it.  I mean he literally acts like a baby occasionally.  But he's getting some type of award as his second nine weeks awards day ceremony on Friday so maybe that will boost his confidence.

My boyfriend and I are well.  In case you couldn't tell from me actually having conversations with him in the first paragraph... so I guess everything's going to be alright.