I originally came home tonight with writing on my mind, but now my mind is racing and I can't get a complete thought out without wanting to switch to something else.  I didn't have a particular idea in mind to write about; I just knew I hadn't written in awhile.  So I decided maybe a blog post was in order.

I write on here because I don't know any of you in real life.  I can complain about anything I want to without people who know me in person getting offended.  Sure, I've tried sharing my work with people that I know... and that's why I came here.  People I know just want to tell me that they like my work.  They give me criticism very rarely.  This is why creepypasta is so important to me.  I want honesty.  I don't want to be told my work is good.  TEAR ME DOWN SO I CAN BUILD MYSELF BACK UP.  Isn't that the point?  Like it really pisses me off when people get offended by comments made on their stories... if you didn't want the public to critique you then you shouldn't be here.  Plain and simple.  (And this isn't pointed at any one person in particular so don't go getting butthurt if you happen to think this is about you... if you read this, that is)

Lately my attention span has been super short.  I've been pinging back and forth between Runescape, Supernatural and the Game of Thrones book series... oh and of course Facebook and tumblr.  I haven't been able to focus much.  I'm really manic tonight, for example.  I have done ALL of these things in less than an hour.  I kind of just want my brain to stop. 

Having bipolar disorder isn't going to hinder me.  I won't let it.  But until I get it under control, expect my moods to be all over the place. I