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  • I live in Mississippi
  • I was born on September 2
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  • Rainboh

    Someone stole from my son

    October 1, 2016 by Rainboh

    This morning I went to give my eight year old his daily medication. There are five left in the bottle when there SHOULD BE twenty-three. That means there are seventeen missing. Seventeen fucking pills are missing from my kid's medication. I checked with my boyfriend, my sister AND my son to make sure we weren't double dosing him and I didn't realize it. My son said that yesterday or the day before there were way more in there (he doesn't know how many, he just knows he takes one a day) so sometime within the past two days seventeen pills just vanished into thin air. The problem now is that I have almost an open door policy in my house. Its just a select few people I just let walk in and out BUT the only people that have been in my h…

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  • Rainboh

    my neighbors

    September 29, 2016 by Rainboh

    I haven't had many problems with the neighbors since we moved in but tonight upstairs all hell has broken loose.  I am trying to ignore it because it isn't my business... but a lot of yelling and what sounds like furniture being moved around is going on... and now someone is stomping through the house pretty hard.  I wouldn't generally care if I wasn't exhausted with a headache.  I drank some chamomile tea in hopes that it would help calm me down enough so that I could lay down but all I can think about is the possibility of inspection tomorrow.  In these apartments, they don't tell you who they're going to inspect.  They just send out the notices saying that so many apartments will be picked to be inspected.  We are situated all the way i…

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  • Rainboh


    August 21, 2016 by Rainboh

    As I've said in other blog posts, I write here where my real life friends (and my family, obviously) won't read it... but here goes.  I'm pretty bored this evening and felt like updating you guys:

    The school sent home a piece of paper saying that my younger son owes over $12 for lunch/breakfast since he's started there so I made sure I got online and applied for the free lunch/breakfast program that is provided for people on a fixed income.  I mean, if one kid owes that much, then the other one does too and I can't afford that. ..... I can barely afford food for the house at the moment. 

    Skyler's birthday is in six days so I'm looking to sell some of my books (shocker!!!) and other items before then in order to throw him a party.  He will ge…

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  • Rainboh

    New Apartment

    August 14, 2016 by Rainboh

    I am one hundred percent moved into my new apartment.  My mom's boyfriend is a total piecce of shit and didn't give me the food stamp card when I moved out (even though over 400 dollars were legally there for my children and me) so I still have to go get that switched over to myself.  I should be going tomorrow.  But the kids are in school.  Getting them transferred was way easier than I expected.  Their old school was awesome when it came to me calling and asking them to get everything ready.

    I have pretty awesome neighbors.  At least on this side of the building.  I haven't actually met anyone else who lives here yet but at least these neighbors have been super cool and even pretty helpful.  They let me borrow brooms when I needed until I…

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  • Rainboh

    I talked to my aunt(she adopted me when I was a kid so she's basically my mom but she isn't the same mom I talk about in my other blog posts... that's my biological mom) for awhile yesterday about some family drama that she thought I knew about and was just hiding from her (because it is about her two oldest kids).  My cousin is getting medically discharged from the military because of a genetic issue (that just causes pain all the time so it can be coped with) with his bones and since he's active duty he can't have the surgery that he needs to help correct it... and since they can't prescribe anything more than ibuprofen I think he's just decided that it is time to leave the military.  We were all so supportive of his decision to join the…

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