It seems a little early to talk about this, but then again, if stores are selling Halloween stuff, I guess it's not too early.

Yesterday Mom and I were at a Wal-Mart Supercenter (Stifle yourselves!) and they already had a Halloween section. I like to look over Halloween stuff, so I looked through the section while Mom continued her shopping. They had some neat things, but there was something that confused me. It was a zombie gas mask [1]. I thought this was so strange that I lost the ability to speak properly for a moment. "That- Wha-What- dit... dit... dit, what- what the- dit, I don't- what?" (Of course, those that know me best know that suddenly being unable to talk like a normal person isn't that strange for me. My shyness) Right now some of you might be confused, thinking, "I don't see what's so strange about this." Well, here's my side of it. It's a protective mask for a zombie. Zombies don't need protective masks! They're zombies! Later on I thought of some logical explanations for it, but I still think it's bizarre. They also had more normal things, like Granny masks [2] and deranged panda masks [3] (What's funny is the section with the markers had a piece of graffiti reading "PANDA". Apparently the deranged panda was marking its territory).

My point, other than to showcase my lingual function breaking down when confronted by Halloween masks I find odd, is to ask what bizarre Halloween merchandise have you all seen. I do have a couple rules. First off, don't use this as an excuse to insult anyone's beliefs. Second, this is limited to items for purchase in store or in catalogs, so things like costumes, decorations, and foodstuffs apply while unique and oddball Halloween displays created by creative and/or warped people do not. Happy Hallo- what the what?