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Panic at the Corn Maze

Raidra October 5, 2014 User blog:Raidra

I know that posting this might inspire someone to write a really bad pasta, but I think this is the funniest harvest/autumn story of the past few years. You know how corn mazes are popular this time of year? Well, sometime in the fall of 2011 a family trying to get through a corn maze panicked and called 911 (the American emergency system phone number). When the rescuers came it turned out that the family was only something like 10-15 feet (3-4.5 meters, if my calculations are right) away from the exit. If you don't believe me you can investigate yourself. I try not to be judgmental or uppity since I think we've all had moments of panic (I know I have), but I still find this story hilarious. I don't remember where this happened, but I hope that the news didn't give any personal details. It'd be bad to go to work or school the next morning and hear something like, "Hey, Ty, I saw your family on the news!" It's like a spoof of a horror movie. Now if you want an actual horror movie based on a corn maze, there's a film called The Maize: The Movie, and it's consistently on the Internet Movie Database's Bottom 100 (the lowest ranked movies as voted on by members of the IMDB). I haven't seen it myself, but I think it's funny to read some of the comments people have made about it.

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