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I failed the Russian Sleep Experiment

Raidra July 24, 2014 User blog:Raidra

~slaps money down on table~ I'm out! ~realizes no money was wagered, blushes, and repockets money~ Yeah, I failed to earn the Sleep Experiment Test Subject badge (100 consecutive days posting). In fact, I've failed twice. The first time I made it to something like sixty-two days before my computer acted up (which isn't why I failed; it's just why I failed when I did). This most recent time I made it to seventy-eight days before family obligations and other factors caused me to drop out. I took a little time off after that and now I'm back, though I don't know if I'll make another attempt to get the badge. I may try and I may just post once or twice a week. If I get it the badge, it's awesome, and if I don't, then oh well. I can't miss what I never had in the first place.

Let's not make this all about me, though. Post your own attempts to get the Sleep Experiment Test Subject badge here.

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