First there's a quick note- This will be my first blog simulcast on the Creepypasta Wiki and Jay's Horror Network wiki. Excitement! :-D

Last night I was watching some videos on my iPad. I decided to search "Raidra creepypasta" in the off-hand chance someone had narrated another one of my stories, and someone had! Creeparoni had just done a narration of "The Melon Head Illustration". :-D I always feel excited and honored when someone narrates one of my stories. This morning I was watching a compilation of contestants on talent shows performing "Chandelier" by Sia. Most of them were on international versions of The Voice, and I realized that's what it feels like when someone narrates one of your pastas- it feels like when one of the judges presses the button that they want you. You're presenting your art for public scrutiny, and someone performs an action that says they like your style.

I hear some of you say, "Well, what if you have a pasta narrated because it was really bad, like Umby's Deleted Creepypasta Theater?" Well, that would be a different matter, though I've written stories that could be used for that too. Dorkpool riffed one of my deleted stories by request and I was tickled pink. It depends on different factors. If we all share a laugh together, then I'm fine with my deleted pastas being poked fun at.

So, how do you feel when you find one of your stories has been narrated?