This year I’m especially thankful to some people on here and wanted to tell them, so if you don’t like heartfelt appreciation, then leave. ~points~ Leave this place!

Earlier this year my mom had to deal with a left big toe that refused to heal. In May she went to a wound specialist. They had her stay at the hospital while they did some tests. The results were not good. The bone was infected and there were two options- a round of strong antibiotics that would wreak havoc on her kidneys, or the amputation of the toe in question. We had a discussion about it, and the next day they removed the toe. Luckily the surgery went well, and her recovery has gone well also. Believe it or not, that wasn’t her only surgery this year. Mom also had an outpatient procedure on one of her sinuses in July (the removal of something called a complex mucus seal). I noted that having a procedure done on the foot and then later having a procedure done on the head seems like the textbook definition of "If it's not one thing, it's another." Thankfully that went well too. She felt sick that first week, but she's done well since then. We’re thankful because things could have been a lot worse.

I didn’t tell a lot of people about Mom’s health, but I’m thankful to the ones I did tell because they were so supportive. The well-wishes and conversations Vroom and Azu gave me were a big help to me during that time. When I told Banning and Mmpratt that I couldn’t read/review their epic stories for a while because something had happened, they understood and gave their support. Even before that they had graciously told me I could take my time reading and reviewing their stories (I sometimes get preoccupied with other things, and I get eyestrain and headaches from looking at a screen for too long). Jay saw me mention that something was wrong and was quick to offer well-wishes. I went on to explain the situation and they all gave their support throughout her recovery. Luigifan100 found out what had happened and offered his prayers and support. He's been great to ask about Mom’s health and offer kind words.

I’ve shared everyone’s concern and well-wishes with Mom and she appreciates them too. I’ve said it before, but thanks to all of you for all you’ve done. I’ll be quiet about Jay having a softer side, though, since I know he’d like to keep his reputation of being a vile monster who uses human meat as pizza topping. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!