Warning: The following is a satire. Sense of humor advised.

Today I had an idea for a great new character! His name is Ernie Krueger, and he wears a blue sweater and a beat-up old hat. His face is scarred, like he's been burned, but his most distinguishing feature is the long blades on his fingers. The story is he kills teenagers in their dreams while they sleep. This new and original character is going to get me so much praise!

What do you mean I'm just ripping off Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street!?! My character wears a blue sweater! He's completely different! You guys are mean!

Just to make it clear that I'm kidding, ~winks~

P.S.- If someone still thinks I'm being serious and not satirizing these people who claim they have a completely new character when it's just a pathetic rip-off, then jeez, learn to read! I gave two disclaimers in this blog and one in the edit summary.