The other night I had a bad dream about writing a Creepypasta about a serious real-life topic. It got blasted by commentators. It wasn't the low scores that unsettled me; it was the fact that they were accusing me of exploitation even though I had been sincere. It's bad to have a story be poorly received, but it's really bad to have your integrity questioned.

The experience made me wonder how many others had experienced Creepypasta-related nightmares. Feel free to share them here. I just have three rules.

1. This is for Creepypasta-related bad dreams only.

2. Tone down any graphic content to a PG-rated level. We don't want to get nightmares just from reading your descriptions of nightmares.

3. While you're free to use humor, you may not use this as a chance to mock other users, their beliefs, or their tastes. For example, comments such as, "Oh, I had a nightmare! I dreamt that I saw such-and-such a user's face!" are prohibited. I didn't create this blog so shallow haters could make mean-spirited comments.

Okay, it's all yours! Let the sharing and healing begin, and pleasant dreams!