Hey, did you know that the talking lips from the opening of Rocky Horror Picture Show apparently had a cousin dedicated to cartoon superheroes who sold out? Well, take a look at this- I don’t know that there’s any way to prepare for the weirdness you’re about to encounter, but you’re about to see Captain Planet made up like a vampire and standing threateningly outside a sleeping woman’s open window (while the lyrics declare him, “the mega mac daddy of ecology”), Captain Planet wearing a Carmen Miranda-type dress and headpiece (possibly against his will), Captain Planet and Suchi (Ma-Ti’s monkey) grooving in a jail cell, wah-wah trumpets, and the rap stylings of Fred Schneider from the B-52’s. This isn't fan-made; it's actually the theme from the sixth and final season. Yeah. I learned about this from themysteriousmrenter’s Top 20 Worst Cartoon Themes. If you’re interested in the countdown, here are parts one [1] and two [2] (The Captain Planet segment starts at or around 18:39) (Note: The original video for part two of the countdown was removed, so here’s a new video [3]. Thanks, 1sam234!). Disclaimer- There’s plenty of hard language as Enter is passionate about how bad these are. In fact, at one part during the C.P. segment he has a dub with Ma-Ti telling the hero, “You know what? Take your ring back and f*** off!” It’s a toss-up as to which is weirder and more awkward- this or the Planet Sheen theme [4] [5], which is also on Part 2 of Mr. Enter’s list. For those who watched one of the videos with the Planet Sheen theme, yes, that is Kevin Michael Richardson doing most of the vocals. That and the line about dogs liking cheese are actually the least confusing parts of that theme song. Gah, it's stuck in my head now!