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    The Woops! Christmas episode

    December 25, 2016 by Raidra

    Some time ago [1], I brought up an unusual Christmas episode from a short-lived show called Woops! (No, I didn’t misspell it; that’s the actual title). I read about it in a book called What Were They Thinking? The 100 Dumbest Events in Television History by David Hofstede (2004). This unconventional episode was ranked number 81 and the article is on pages 37-39. The following is a word-for-word copy of the article about it (including a couple typos as well as awkward passages I would have preferred to leave out). All rights belong to the author, David Hofstede, and the publisher, Back Stage Books.


    Say It Ain’t So, Santa


    FOX, December 6, 1992

    Just about every sitcom does at least one Christmas-themed show, the best of which have become …

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  • Raidra

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friends

    November 24, 2016 by Raidra

    This year I’m especially thankful to some people on here and wanted to tell them, so if you don’t like heartfelt appreciation, then leave. ~points~ Leave this place!

    Earlier this year my mom had to deal with a left big toe that refused to heal. In May she went to a wound specialist. They had her stay at the hospital while they did some tests. The results were not good. The bone was infected and there were two options- a round of strong antibiotics that would wreak havoc on her kidneys, or the amputation of the toe in question. We had a discussion about it, and the next day they removed the toe. Luckily the surgery went well, and her recovery has gone well also. Believe it or not, that wasn’t her only surgery this year. Mom also had …

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  • Raidra

    One Last Weapons Blog

    October 23, 2016 by Raidra

    Earlier in the year I made four weapons blogs featuring weapons from the arsenal of one of my comic book characters [1] [2] [3] [4]. Since I’ve created arsenals for some more characters, I’ve decided to do one final weapons blog. This doesn’t have the same level of detail and description of the previous blogs, but hopefully it’ll be interesting and/or useful to somebody. One arsenal belongs to a supervillain-turned-hero called Specter and the other belongs to a vigilante gang called Samgakdo (Korean for “Three-Sided Sword”) which is actually an off-shoot of Basilisk (a group mentioned in some of my pastas). I don't always depict a character's arsenal, but when I do, I prefer to have an extensive arsenal. Stay awesome, my friends! ;-)


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  • Raidra

    It seems a little early to talk about this, but then again, if stores are selling Halloween stuff, I guess it's not too early.

    Yesterday Mom and I were at a Wal-Mart Supercenter (Stifle yourselves!) and they already had a Halloween section. I like to look over Halloween stuff, so I looked through the section while Mom continued her shopping. They had some neat things, but there was something that confused me. It was a zombie gas mask [1]. I thought this was so strange that I lost the ability to speak properly for a moment. "That- Wha-What- dit... dit... dit, what- what the- dit, I don't- what?" (Of course, those that know me best know that suddenly being unable to talk like a normal person isn't that strange for me. My shyness) Right n…

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  • Raidra

    Batman versus the Ugly Horde

    September 13, 2016 by Raidra

    Hey, kids, want to read about an ugly part of Batman’s history? No, I don’t mean the movie Batman & Robin; I’m referring to a story from the Golden Age. Last night I was talking with Jay and I thought of this Batman issue in which Batman and Robin battled a gang known as The Ugly Horde (I’m sure many of us will agree that that’s not the first time a conversation with Jay turned ugly and it won’t be the last, but I digress). The issue was Batman volume one issue 3, which is from 1940. I read a reprint of it in a trade paperback and laughed more than once. Here are a couple websites talking about it- [1] [2].

    The story has Gotham City being terrorized by the ugly horde, which goes around destroying beautiful art (presumably meaning the wo…

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