• Rai Noir

    It was an average December evening, around 9:00pm. I have been surfing around the internet, looking up cute pictures of kittens and other animals, like any other carefree 12 year old girl would do. I was smiling away, enjoying myself on the safe side of the internet, when my friend messaged me, saying that he had found a website, called "Creepypasta". The name made me laugh, because I had no idea what it was about. My thoughts were it was a website about messed up food or something. Once he sent me a link, my mood changed, however. I was reluctant to click it, but, I didn't want to seem like a pussy, so I clicked it anyway.

    I was terrified from what I saw.

    There, staring right back at me, was a white face, deep set eyes rimmed in black w… Read more >