aka Chey

  • I live in Wise
  • I was born on July 30
  • I am female
  • RagtimeOutlaw

    Every country has events in its past it wants to cover up. Things that no one should be proud of. But those things are over they are done, skimmed over in textbooks. The Circus however isn't history. It has been mostly forgotten, covered up by the Japanese government. But hiding it doesn't mean that it has died.

    Hello! I'm Trick!

    And I'm Treat!


    Do you remeber the two headed clown? Rin and Len?

    Well they died a long time ago so we took over.

    We are the twins now. Brother and sister always hand in hand.

    But we are diffrent. Unlike the rest of the children we wanted to be here.

    We came on our own.

    Some call us the bird people, because of our masks.

    We took them from the doctors who died long ago from the illness they …

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