• RW123

    Fire and Chains

    November 1, 2013 by RW123

    My son Skye has been very anti-social lately. Which was hard, since I was a single father. Everywhere he went, He had a laptop with him, Skyping or just simply chatting with someone.If he didn't have internet, he would have his phone with him, using up his battery using Skype with 3G. One day, I saw him outside, after I hid his laptop. He was staring at two children with a terrified look. Every time the children laughed, He twitched. " Skye! Come inside! " I called out to him, He followed me inside, but he was still staring at the children. I closed the door and locked it. He sat at the kitchen table. " what the fuck do you want?" He shot at me. I stared at him with anger, He never swore.. never. " ok, Skye… I want you to tell me.. Who do …

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