Pokemon Inferno Version

    October 20, 2012 by RADRINGS535

    A few weeks ago me and my freind where playing his old gameboy.

    We got bored so we went out and got a new game.

    There was a pokemon and we remembered how we always used to play pokemon as kids.

    So we bought it, and when we started the game it said pokemon inferno version.

    We thought it saw a rom hack but we continued playing.

    It had a save file and it was called 'Turn Back now' we thought it was someone who gave the game to the store and played a joke.

    but we continued and loaded the player.

    the gameboy instantly turned off and back on at the games title screen.

    so we started a new game and there where no pokeballs on the table.

    i looked in my pokemon and i had one pokemon.

    it was called Turn back now.

    but we decided to go on.

    Than it got creepy. afte…

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