Y'know.. it takes EFFORT to write stories. Fan-Fics, animes, comics, books, it takes time!

The first creepypasta I ever wrote might not be so scary because I wrote it AND I don't have a personal experience.

I usually get a personal experience with a story in order to write one. Darkan, a story I thought of, just came to me when I was like "New thing : (placeholder for ideas) One of the Death Sisters becomes a vampire because GODS CAN DO THIS CRAP ON THEIR WLL and saves awesome guy named "Hetris" from "Simon Belmont" (placeholder) and Hetris is the Dark Hero and was created by the Death Sisters. And Hetris is an awesome Vampire!

That took forever to come up. It's been since CHRISTMAS and just on the 14th I started writing it on lined paper. LINED! In the meantime I drew him, Link, and attempted Toon Link's eyes. I used to mainly draw "Travis", a stick figure of me, then I would draw EarthBound characters, then it came to Hetris. Yeah. Stuff takes time, y'know.

I spend a lot of time reading pastas now. I wrote two, check 'em out. They're called "The Hallow One" and "Polybius Experience : Wiped Memories".

I really have nothing to do now.... so read my Pastas and give me feedback and Ideas.