What if we added a new wiki to the Creepypasta family for people who really had some good ideas for storys, put it on paper... but then needed to fix it. 

Example's Include:

- Grammar

- Where to stop run-on sentences and comma splice's (you know what I mean)

- Plot Change's/Story Ruiner's (aka: when someone take's it too far with gore, corny catch-phrase's, bad hooks, misleading titles, ect.)

As you know people have been known to make error's that could have been fixed if someone was there to guide them with it!  Here's the catch though, once your done editing or taking constructive criticism you must ask for an admin to take down the page so there won't be an overload of "Proficiently Edited Creepypasta's" filling it up so we cant see the ones that actuall need to be edited.

On the wiki we could have some feature's like:

- Admin Stamp of Approval: a picture that is put on a Creepypractice that an admin think could be posted on the Creepypasta Wiki

- Expirenced Editing Staff/Creepy Hotline: as much as I like the sound of this idea it seams a bit big for anyone to put together.

- Cunstructive Critic's: If these people are sassed by the user and they are giving good advice that should be noted admins should be notifed. If its bad criticism then you will have a one day ban from commenting.

Also know that this is not a place where people get to act like children and report everyone whos trying to help saying things like this, "It needs a bit of work," or "It bad right now it can use a few edits," don't be "silly", listen to your critics, it will never hinder you.
  • Don't be like these guys as a critic!
  • Don't be this guy either!