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Qube1773 November 29, 2012 User blog:Qube1773


I'd been seeing these storys on the news lately, about people's decapitated, eviscerated corpses found under mounds of snow by hikers. I started getting a little worried about these deaths, sometimes paranoid, that it would be me next... But after a while I started getting worse, on the brink of insanity, that I would join the others who had been killed. I managed to get some sense into me, that this must be a hoax, due to the amount of deaths, so I told myself that i would go up the mountain to go prove everyone wrong. Oh how wrong I was...

The next day I packed my things, including a big knife to protect myself with if it was true, when I picked it up, I laughed at how stupid I was to take it, but part of , me was very scared, so I took it anyway. I waited 'till dawn to get up the mountain, but then there was a terrible avalanche on the mountain, so I waited for a week until it was safe to go up the mountain. All that week I felt nauseous, and started cutting myself as a relief to the stress.

Finally after a month of waiting, I left my house and made my way to the foot of the mountain, I looked up and realised I had a long way to go.

2 Days Later...

Oh god, those things, it's real, those people are dead, all of them, eaten, oh lord help me... I went up  the mountain, and camped, in the middle of the night these people came to me, and were crying and asking for help.

I wok up this morning and they were all dead, piled up and..EATEN! I almost puked, but I knew that the monsters were near, and the noise and smell would attract them. Oh yes, the monsters, they are like wolfs, with bloodshot red eyes, and big, strong legs with massive claws.. Oh god help me, theres one around he....

1 Hour Later

I just got chased, it's nearby, if you find this, I hope you know that these monsters are unstoppable, and that I am now in heaven, watching upon you. It's here, c'mon, I love you, come forth to me, I love y.......

I hope this one is good enough to not be deleted :P

Thanks for reading my first hard worked on Creepy Pasta!!! I might have made some spelling mistakes so if I have please correct them!!!