Hello, I'm Qhuince. A avid 3D modeler, a amature story-writer, a furry, and a gamer - please, do not let me being a furry throw you off on what I do; I DO NOT do explicit things with animals, nor do I dress in a fursuit just to have ... Adult luxary's. No, I'd only dress in a fursuit to just have childish fun. [Unless I decide to die within the suit, lol], so please - do not bug me of my fandom, lastly - a furry is someone who is a FAN of anthropomorphic animals. The furry who dresses within a fursuit is a class of furry known as a "fursuiter". Anywho, that matter resolved and clarified. I enjoy writing psychological pastas more than I do any other; I feel monster-based Creepypasta's to be a bit cliched if they go by the typical 'lololol, this one will eat someone, its so scary111' no, I'll base monsters off of the mind's faults.

I'm open to science-minded, mythological, and otherwise intelligent convos. If you wish to contact me further, I'll post future links to social media. 

I can tolerate all sorts of religions; as I'd be a pitiful Atheist if I were to bash others for their views - this does not mean that I will however, sit down and listen/allow your views to be shoved apon my throat. Doing so will result in me ignoring you.

I'm also open to story discussions, co-op gaming. [So long as my toaster of a laptop can run the game, haha.] Please, just please, don't try to make me play games that I say I don't like, it's not fun for me. Nor should it be fun for you to play with someone showing NO spirit 'bout the game.

Do NOT ask for any personal info, expecially if it's in public.

Kudos~ Qhuince.