aka JustCallMeDeIfCallingMeByMyFursonaIsHard

  • I live in SomeWhereOvertheRainbow
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is Youtube video co-star, furry [waiting for trolls to start berrating my fandom], builder, other stuff.
  • I am I'm an it.
  • Qhuince

    My Introduction

    November 22, 2014 by Qhuince

    Hello, I'm Qhuince. A avid 3D modeler, a amature story-writer, a furry, and a gamer - please, do not let me being a furry throw you off on what I do; I DO NOT do explicit things with animals, nor do I dress in a fursuit just to have ... Adult luxary's. No, I'd only dress in a fursuit to just have childish fun. [Unless I decide to die within the suit, lol], so please - do not bug me of my fandom, lastly - a furry is someone who is a FAN of anthropomorphic animals. The furry who dresses within a fursuit is a class of furry known as a "fursuiter". Anywho, that matter resolved and clarified. I enjoy writing psychological pastas more than I do any other; I feel monster-based Creepypasta's to be a bit cliched if they go by the typical 'lololol, …

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