Everyone always loves a scare once in a while. For me, i love to scare myself a little and read up on my favorite creepy-pastas in the middle of the night. Jeff The Killer, Ben Drowned, The Slenderman, Smile Dog, all the sorts. So, while it....may sound a little childish, i truly try to search for them every once in a while. i know, i know, it's childish and fangirlish but COME'ON!!! You can't NOT admit that you haven't looked behind your shoulder every once in a while because you feel like someone's lurking in the shadows. i don't really have a very exciting life, so you can't blame me for looking for some. Because come' om, you know that deep down in your heart and mind, while it'd be scary as hell, it would just be a little cool ;) We wish that for everything. CreepyPastas, The Zombie Apocalypse, Vampies and Werewolves, everything. And i've also had some.....signs. So For now, we are safe and only have the dreams and nightmares about our favorite CreepyPastas. But you never know. For they might just be lurking in the shadow. But we are safe, for now.