Puppet Master Smish

aka XxX_Sm1shQu1cksc0p3r_XxX

  • I live in A Yellow Submarine
  • I was born on October 15
  • My occupation is Member of The No Gang
  • I am A proud member of Foxy's Pirate Crew
  • Puppet Master Smish

    "Things start getting real tonight." - Phone Guy, FNaF 1

    10. The Real Chuck E. Cheese: Dissapointing. Reminds me of what doing drugs would probably be like, everything goes great until the end. So basically this creepypasta is someone on drugs.

    9. The Truth Behind Chuck E. Cheese: MY GOD THIS ONE IS DUMB. I literally laughed at the idea of some sort of mutated rat in Chuck E. Cheese. Why would it be hidden in almost plain sight? Why is it kept there? WHY would it be so close to where everyone is?? The Truth Behind Chuck E. Cheese, go home, your drunk.

    8. Four Nights at Freddy's: The creepypasta experience of going to a party, getting drunk, waking up and having several experiences giving you the thought that only blackout drunks and Steve Urkā€¦

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