I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned the new Goosebumps movie, but I'm kinda excited to see it. Goosebumps was my first exposure to horror literature (unless you had cool/crazy parents who read the "original" Grimm Brothers tales to you as a toddler). R.L. Stine lead me to Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and other fantastic horror novelists. Although his work is a bit juvenile, it was still extremely important to me and others young enough to have read it, which is why I'm a member of this site now. I'm positive that if Stine would have been a young man presently, he would have got his start on a site similar to this. If anyone has blogged about this already, I apologize. It's been some time since I've logged on. I just wanted to share some of the nostalgia I've felt since hearing the news of the movie and re-reading some classic Stine. And by the way, his "Give Yourself Goosebumps" choose-your-adventure stories rocked my 9-year-old world.