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Punkfaye April 23, 2015 User blog:Punkfaye

Hello all. I hope I read the rules right about making blogs. If not, I guess I'll find out soon enough. I started writing about three years ago. I had dabbled with writing before, but it was rubbish. Really bad stuff. And being a perfectionist (and a little OCD) I just hated the way stories looked. It wasn't just that they were rough, it was also that I have extremely sloppy handwriting. This was before I had internet access, and before we knew I was OCD for that matter. 

So about three years ago I joined a comic site and wandered into the Fan Fic forum out of curiosity. It was there I befriended a writer and she tutored me on things like tense and dialogue and spacing. All that stuff. That was also the site where I heard about Creepy Pasta's actually. Being a fan of creepy and strange and  supernatural stories I was delighted to find such a site. I had no intention of joining though til I read a few diamonds in the rough and realized they were making the same mistakes I used to make, and I wanted to help them so they could improve their existing skills at the craft. 

So that's the story of why I joined. Why I've been away for two years is another story altogether. Anyway, its good to be back and maybe I can help some authors while enjoying the stories here. 

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