I thought it would be a good idea to tell you guys about my trash self so, here you go:

*awkward cough* OKAY my name is/I go by Ryan or Ry and uh i'm super fucking awkard so I'm sorry in advance. My pronouns are they/him, please don't be a dick and ask me what my 'real gender' or 'real name' is.

I listen to too many bands (to name a few: mcr, atl, twenty one pilots, sws, fob...) and watch too much shit like regular show, adventure time, family guy, daria, blah blah blah (I ALSO WATCH A LOT OF ANIME LIKE FREE!, DEATH NOTE, SNK, KUROSHITSUJI). you probably don't really care about what fucking TV shows i watch but oh well.

Uhm I'm professional Mikey Way trash- actually let's be real, I'm professional mcr trash in THE WORST FUCKING YEAR... 2015, 2 YEARS AFTER THE THING HAPPENED (sorry, i tend to type in caps a lot).

SO UM THAT'S REALLY ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ME, I HOPE I DIDN'T BORE YOU TO DEATH. IF YOU READ ALL OF THIS, THANKS. oh and if I made any typos i'm going to cry for like 38 years.

peace out motherfuckers.