I'm a psychic medium which means I see and hear things that most people don't. Things on the 'other side' this can be both fun and petrifying. Let me give you one small example as to why. 

I have a 6 month old son, my partner & I had just bathed our son & put him to bed. The child monitor was in our room so we could hear him through the night, we just chilled ect everything was cool. It was around 3am when we eventually decided that going to sleep might be the best idea. So I got up out of bed to go to the toilet to brush my teeth, as I turned round there was a dark figure on the wall. I asked my partner if he could see it too. He could, the figure just stood there, didn't move an inch. The room went ICE COLD and I blinked & the figure was gone.

We decided to just get on with things, brushed my teeth & went back to bed. Were laying in bed & my son's monitor is next to side of the bed, the floor boards round that way (which is also next to the door) started to creak & his monitor went static. Then all of a sudden my son started doing a really high pitched scream but I couldn't move, their was a weight on the bed holding me down. I couldn't scream, could barely breath. My partner ran in to get our son and then suddenly the weight lifted, my son stopped crying & everything went back to normal... 

We settled our son & I went to go and have some fresh air & calm down, my partner screamed and told me to stop and look in the mirror. On my arms where the biggest scratch marks I've ever seen and the bruises where huge.

Safe to say, I rarely sleep at night