First Attempt

This my first attempt at a blog ever, so I guess I should tell something.. School started yesterday, it sucks but fun at the same time, working on a pasta, beaten pokemon yellow, and a bunch of boring things and life problems.

first fail

Title says all, but hey what was I to expect? I'm a newbie just saying random stuff on a website. This may be the final post before deletion of this blog, it depends on how I feel tomorrow. Comments seen at this time: 0

He Said What?

So on the first day of school my CAPA Advance Theatre Seminar teacher told me I looked hot. He is a man and is married. Now this may seem scary and even creepy at first, but let me explain. When ever someone is on his good side he would make compliments towards that person. So what he was really saying was that I was on his good side, which will help me get into some plays at school easier and makes me happy sense he hated me all the way up till the end of last year. Besides that nothing new in meh little weird life. Comments seen at this time: 1


So I have been saying a lot that I like the pokemon Magikarp. Well the other day I was playing pokemon yellow and was in the Safari Zone fishing. Whilst fishing I caught a Dratini, from that moment on I had "fallen in love" with Dratini. Comments seen at this time: 1