Edit: Maria has founded the wiki. She hasn't given me bureaucrat rights, at least, not yet, so you'll need to speak to her about your rights carrying over. It is here.

So yeah. Word is starting to get around about my idea to have a CP Network Staff's wiki.

Alot of the admins from Spinpasta, Trollpasta, and here that I've managed to speak to support the idea, but there are still a number of Admins left who haven't heard.

Here's the basic premise:

  • Basically, it's a CP Network Staff wiki, a wiki for the admins of all three CP network wikis, to discuss ideas, give tips to each other from their experience at their respective wikis, and also a place just to hang.
  • I was also thinking of using it as a place for users new to the network to ask questions, and if necessary, appeal blocks/bans. And also strengthen contact between the three wikis.
  • They could use it for holding staff meetings and stuff as well.
  • They can also propose guides that can be used across all three wikis, and it will have links to Admin Central.
  • Each person who is an admin retains their rights from all three wikis. If you're an admin on one, but an admin/b'crat on another, you're an admin/b'crat on the Network staff wiki.

It's meant to encourage cooperation between all three wikis, and I would like as many admins as possible to support the idea before I create the wiki, if not be openly involved in its development.

If you're an admin here, pitch in more ideas! I could use 'em!

And if you're interested in working on the project, or even just support it, feel free to edit the blog post and add your name and a link to your profile to this list:

Creepypasta Wiki

Spinpasta Wiki

Trollpasta Wiki

(If you are an admin on another pasta wiki (must be Spinpasta or Trollpasta), simply contact me and I will add your name.)