I've been receiving a few messages every once in awhile or seeing comments on other wikis about people wanting to be admins here. So, I'm making a blog post detailing the appropriate general steps to go through.

Now, let me clarify the most important thing first: You cannot become an admin simply by asking for it. It doesn't matter how long you lurked here as an anon or how many other wikis you have administrator rights on. We select admins based on job ability, community opinion, and their achievement of the prerequisites.

First off, you have to make good contributions to the wiki. Then you have to go through the other user rights: rollback and VCROC. It's very highly recommended, at least.

You have to fulfill the prerequisites (listed here) and make a significant contribution. You have to have leadership values, and you have to have a good knowledge of the rules.

The same route that you have to take was taken by almost every admin here. The others were here for long amounts of time; before our current system was enacted.

You have to edit at least occasionally, have knowledge of what is and isn't a quality work, and be willing to have a large amount of responsibility handed to you. You won't get by on 6 edits and "being here for a long time".

You have to go through the same route as every one else, and evade getting constant blocks/bans. And even if you do all of this? Still doesn't mean you'll get the job.

This being said, no, I will not talk to any higher ups about you becoming an admin, and you will not get it simply because you want it. Try making a contribution first, then requesting it the same as every one else. But please, STOP asking if you haven't actually done anything to deserve it.