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    July 31, 2014 by Princess Callie

    Hi I'm new here and I luv creepypasta especially JTK and Ben Drowned and oh, can you send me ideas for creepypasta cause I'm too lazy to come up with my own thanks. :)

    Oh and have an OC that is totally not Jeff Inspired her name is Shizly da Killur and when she kills she fucks you with [REDACTED].

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  • Princess Callie

    Making Titles

    July 25, 2014 by Princess Callie

    Alot of times, I see people complain about the abuse filter because of a title blacklist. Either that, or someone posts a pasta that for some odd reason, has a period in it, is not capitalized correctly, or whatnot.

    So I'm taking the time to write on my phone something about titles! Forgive any spelling errors.

    This includes capitalization, spelling, etc.

    For one, don't put a period in a title. It isn't a statement, it isn't a sentence. Two, the first word in a title is always capitalized. Three, nouns and verbs get capitalized.

    However, prepositions (in, on, and the like) do not get capitalized unless they are the first word in the title. Most principle words get capitalized, other words are lowercase.

    Now that we've gone through a general rundo…

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  • Princess Callie

    You know what irks me? What really grinds my gears? Threads like this one where the person receiving criticism is quite frankly whining profusely about how he's being insulted and mocked.

    Let's say you write a story. You have no plot or a ridiculous one, you spell everything wrong, your characters are bland and your setting is boring. Would you not want me to point these things out? Especially when you post it on a Writer's Workshop Board, for crying out loud.

    Criticism is not here to hurt you. It isn't here to mock you or let us rub our asses in your face. It is done here specifically to help you as a writer, and you cannot expect us to hold your hand constantly like a toddler. The problem eventually becomes the person on the receiving end -…

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  • Princess Callie

    I've been receiving a few messages every once in awhile or seeing comments on other wikis about people wanting to be admins here. So, I'm making a blog post detailing the appropriate general steps to go through.

    Now, let me clarify the most important thing first: You cannot become an admin simply by asking for it. It doesn't matter how long you lurked here as an anon or how many other wikis you have administrator rights on. We select admins based on job ability, community opinion, and their achievement of the prerequisites.

    First off, you have to make good contributions to the wiki. Then you have to go through the other user rights: rollback and VCROC. It's very highly recommended, at least.

    You have to fulfill the prerequisites (listed here)…

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  • Princess Callie

    This is a simple announcement that I will be further slowing my activity for a short time, so that I can work on my music. This is because I have come up with a kind of sountrack thing that I would like to work on consisting of around 10 tracks (all of which will be uploaded to youtube.) I'll be using all of the software at my disposal to make them.

    This is going to take some time, so that's why I've made this post. I will make a separate post when I'm finished though, and probably post it here via the autoplay template. (Just not autoplaying it.)

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