When I got home from school, I was waiting for my father to come home from work. I was waiting by the window until I saw her.

I saw a girl by a tree, with ripped jeans, a plain white T-shirt with blood on it, and a missing eye. She looked... disfigured in a way. I ingored her and played my Pokemon White Version 2. My DSi was charged, but it shut off all by its self. I was a little scared. I looked out my window again, but the girl was closer. I closed my curtains very quickly.

I was huffing and puffing, like I was in a heartattack. I looked again, but she was gone. I thought it was over. Until, I found a scratch on my leg as big as a stick. I screamed and ran out my room. Still, nobody was home. Only me. I tried to heal my scratch, but it got worse.

I went outside to wait for my dad. I remembered that he doesn't come home until 6:00. I waited, no matter what. I saw the girl by my friend's house. I ran as fast as I can, but the girl ran faster than me. She was holding a sharpened stick with blood covering it.

I was looking to see if the girl was still behind me, but she wasn't there. I thought she disappeared, but I ran into her.

"Don't worry," She whispered in my ear. "Once i'm done with you, you will wish you wasn't at home alone." Before she stabbed me in the face, she was shot in the back. She fell on me. "GET THIS CRAZY GIRL OFF ME!!!!!!!!!" I yell, as she was heavy. Now I sleep in fear, as I think she will kill me in my sleep.