• PrincessLuna1000

    When I got home from school, I was waiting for my father to come home from work. I was waiting by the window until I saw her.

    I saw a girl by a tree, with ripped jeans, a plain white T-shirt with blood on it, and a missing eye. She looked... disfigured in a way. I ingored her and played my Pokemon White Version 2. My DSi was charged, but it shut off all by its self. I was a little scared. I looked out my window again, but the girl was closer. I closed my curtains very quickly.

    I was huffing and puffing, like I was in a heartattack. I looked again, but she was gone. I thought it was over. Until, I found a scratch on my leg as big as a stick. I screamed and ran out my room. Still, nobody was home. Only me. I tried to heal my scratch, but it go…

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