• PrinceCreeper

    Pastas I like

    March 12, 2014 by PrinceCreeper

    The Cell Phone Game - Scary and Well-written.

    The Russian Sleep Experiment - 2spooky4me. Seriously, it is.

    Anti-sonic.dll - Infinitely better than it's predecessor, Sonic.exe.

    Godzilla NES - Scariest Pasta ever.

    jvk1166z.esp - Pretty interesting and nice concept.

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  • PrinceCreeper

    Pastas I hate

    March 5, 2014 by PrinceCreeper

    Jeff the Killer. It's so fucking stupid because it involves a 13 year old on a killing spree. He cuts his eyelids off, which is extremely unrealistic. First, if you cut your eyelids off, they would dry out. Second, it inspired the murderer cliche "how diz perzun bacm [insert name here] the kiullr". I'm glad it was moved to it's own wiki.

    BEN Drowned. It was so fucking stupid with a ghost haunting a cartridge, your turn and save files coming back. The videos were rather convincing though.

    Sonic.exe. Cliches up the ass, along with a bitchy butthurt author who cried when it got moved to the trollpasta wiki, along with his White Knight Lemmings. They called the admins "Jealous Retarded Arrogant Insolent Furry Haters". How old is JC, 5? 


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